7 May 2012

Nails Inc Fitzrovia

I got this polish as part of a set from QVC and wasn't really that fussed on it! I much prefer colours to nudes but yesterday I felt like doing something a bit different so thought I'd try this one out! Although I like the formula of it and it seems to match my skin tone quite well I'm still not 100% convinced whether I like this shade or not! I'm thinking I might jazz it up a bit tomorrow with a "neon and nude" effect and/or some of the silver nail jewellery! I'll post pics of any changes I decide to make (",)


  1. paint the tops in a neon, like the tips so it's an alternative manicure?! :D xxx

  2. I'm thinking of doing either that or painting the bottoms in a neon and leaving the tips this colour :D x x x