25 September 2012

Nails Inc The Thames

Hey guys
This polish has a lot of fans among us NailsInc-aholics.
It has the formula that you expect of this brand and is a lovely colour.
Do any of you own this beauty?
What do you think of it?
Louise x

Nails Inc Kensington Palace

Hi guys
I love my magnetic polishes and this is no exception.
The thing I love about them is the fact that they look equally great whether they've been magnetised or not.
Do you guys like magnetic polishes?
Are there any of you that haven't tried them yet?

Nails Inc Chester Street

Hey guys
As you might remember I won the Nails Inc Facebook Fan of The Week a couple of weeks ago. I collected my 'prize' from the Post Office on Saturday and this was the first of my new beauties that I tried.
It's a very simple polish with a lovely pearlescent shimmer to it.
Have any of you guys tried this polish?

Nails Inc The Mall

Hey guys
Sorry for the lack of posts recently!
I have been painting my nails and uploading them to instagram but haven't actually got round to posting them here!
Anyhoo that means I'll be uploading a few pics here in quick succession probably!
This is the beauty I'm currently wearing. This is Nails Inc Kensington Caviar base coat with 2 coats of colour and one coat of Seche Vite.
Do any of you guys have this colour? Or is it on your wishlist?

10 September 2012

Nails Inc Lowndes Square with Nails Inc Burlington Arcade Nail Jewellery

Hey guys
I've already typed this post up once but it didn't save! So enjoy the pics for now and I'll do the blurby bit again another time!
Do you guys find that Blogger on your phones plays up or have any tips to make it happen less often?
Louise x

Nails Inc Bury Walk... again!

Hey guys
I know I've posted about this beauty before but I don't think I'll ever get over how pretty it is or how difficult it is to get an accurate picture of!
Anyhoo, here are my recent attempts to capture it's beauty for you to see.
I think this is definitely one you'll have to see in real life to really appreciate it's shimmery beauty.
Do any of you know any tips that I could use to get a better picture of this shy pretty?
Louise x

Layla Flash Black

Hey guys
This is a beauty I tried to blog about a few days ago but my phone decided not to play ball!
Although this is a gorgeous polish it didn't last long without chipping!
Do any of you guys know how I can make my holo pretties last longer?
Louise x

Nails Inc Warwick Avenue

Hey guys
I've had a polish free day today which is a very rare occurrence!
This evening I just couldn't decide which polish to use next so thought I'd try one of my unused Nails Inc minis.
Although I've got a few lovely colours I thought I'd try Warwick Avenue which looked like quite a natural pink.
Although it's a little bit brighter than I was expecting, I love it. It's the usual formula you expect from Nails Inc, e.g. easy to apply and self levelling.
What do you guys think of this pretty? Do you have it? Is it on your wishlist? Or is it too girly for you?
Louise x

9 September 2012

Nails Inc Victoria

Hi Guys

I've just noticed that I uploaded a picture of this vampy beauty but didn't give her any write up!  Oops!

This is a gorgeous, deep red which I love and which has a lot of depth to it.

Lou x