14 March 2013

Jindie Nails Candy Land ♡

Hi guys

I've been lusting after this beauty since I first saw it appear on my Instagram feed although I can't remember the name of the lucky lady who had it!

Finally this beauty became mine this week after I stalked Jindie Nails Facebook page waiting for details of her next restock! When I applied it for the first time I was quite disappointed as even with four coats and plenty of shaking and tipping the bottle upside down between coats I had hardly any glitter on my nails.  I persevered and two coats and plenty of fishing later it looked how I'd expected it to look!

The first picture shows how it looked after four coats. The other pictures show how it looked after six coats! You even get to see my right hand because it looked equally pretty!

Anyhoo, formula aside this beauty is just that. I love how some of the neon glitter is a little muted by the layers of almost sheer creamy white polish.

One of the ladies on the All Things Nails page on Facebook kindly contacted Jen of Jindie Nails on my behalf and told her of the problems I'd encountered when applying this beauty.  Jen is kindly sending me a replacement bottle! There really are some fab people in the nail polish community!

I'll either update this post when my new bottle of Candy Land arrives or write a second blog post depending on how I feel at the time!

Do any of you ladies own this beauty? Was she easier to apply for you?  Feel free to post links to any blog posts you have done about this beauty.  I love seeing pictures of it.

Love Lou x

Edit - 8 April 2013

Hey guys

My replacement bottle of this beauty arrived a couple of weeks ago and it's fab. The distribution of glitter was much more  than in the previous bottle. Here are some pictures of the few times I've worn it since getting it.

Love Lou x