21 February 2014

Black Cat Lacquer Chivalry is Dead

Hi guys

This polish is a subtle thermal because the difference between the colour of it warm and the colour of it cold is not too contrasting. When both warm and cold there is a lovely fine glitter sparkle to it.

When warm this polish is mid brown and when cold it is dark brown, leaning towards black.

I've been wearing this polish for most of this week with OPI Nail Envy and HK Girl top coat and it was only last night that it began chipping.

I got this polish from Rainbow Connection UK where the lovely Annette sells lots of indie polishes to us British girls that we probably wouldn't be able to get our mitts on otherwise for which I'm very grateful although I don't think my bank manager is! Be warned guys, your wishlist will probably grow immensely!

Do you guys like thermal polishes?

Are there any that you'd recommend?

Love Lou x