29 May 2012

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Snapshot Photo Gallery

Hey guys

I've just been catching up with my blog reading list and there was one in particular that caught my eye which was called Add a Link to Your Blog for Photo Gallery/Nail Snapshots and posted by Pointless Cafe.  This blog posting can be found here.  After reading the instructions on that blog and also on the posting by All This Polish called Nail Snapshots which Pointless Cafe got her inspiration from and which can be found here I had to give this a go!

If you click on the link for Photo Gallery under my header, this will take you to a Snapshot type layout of my all the photos I've posted in my blog.  Clicking on an image will take you to the original blog post that the image is from.  There are other types of layouts available including Flipcard, Classic, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar and Timeslide so you can experiment and see which works best for you and your blog.  To return to the Home page all you have to do is click on the blog title at the top left hand corner.

All This Polish's instructions which she got from Rebecca Likes Nails whose post can be found here are as follows: -

1. Go the Pages section of your blogger settings
2. Add a New Page, choosing the Web Address option rather than Blank Page option.
3. In the box for the web address enter your blog address plus /view/snapshot at the end, for example mine is http://purplewolf1707.blogspot.com/view/snapshot.
4. Don't forget to save :D

I think this is a pretty nifty way of checking out fellow bloggers' pictures and being able to go straight to those which appeal to you.  It'll also help you find a post by a blogger that you may not be able to remember the name for.

Lou x

28 May 2012

Layla Mirror Effect Nail Polish (",)

It feels like I've been waiting for these li'l beauties to arrive FOREVER (although it wasn't really).  I couldn't wait to get home from work to apply them!

After a bit of debating about which colour to wear first and a bit of a false start (they curdled on my Nails Inc Soho Silk base coat so I had to remove it) I decided to use both and painted straight on to my bare nails. After only one coat they looked fab, although I used three coats of each plus Nails Inc Kensington Caviar top coat to get this stunning effect!  The polishes didn't need the top coat to add shine as they were definitely shiny enough without but I added the top coat to prolong the staying power of these gorgeous colours!

The colours I used were Metal Chrome and Purple Diva and I love them both sooooo much!!!

If you fancy treating yourself to either of these beauties or their different coloured counterparts you can find them on the Simply Occasions site here. The lovely Bryony of Simply Occasions also has her own blog which you can find here (",)

Edit: I wore the Metal Chrome for a full mani yesterday (21 June 2012) and here are the pics! I firstly tried applying over Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Base Coat but again the polish curdled even when I applied a second coat of colour so I removed it all and started from clear nails.  These pics were taken with two coats of colour and a top coat which I only added to prevent chipping and not because any extra shine was needed!

Has anyone else tried the Layla Mirror Effects yet? Which is your favourite?

25 May 2012

1000+ page views and a new follower

Hey guys, this is just a short post to acknowledge the fact that I've had over 1000 page views in just three months and I've got 12 followers - Woohooo :D I hope you all have a fab weekend in the sunshine! I certainly intend to :D x

23 May 2012

The Beautiful Nails Inc Lowndes Square (",)

This is a gorgeous lavender polish by Nails Inc which in my view is very subtle and understated! It goes very well with my pale skin tone (",)

If you fancy treating yourself to this little beauty it can be found here at Raven Cosmetics for the bargain sum of £7.95 less 15% (using the discount code provided at the top of the website) so £6.76 plus £2 p&p.  If you 'like' Raven Cosmetic's Facebook page which can be found here you get a free 4ml Nails Inc polish with every order so for the sum of £8.76 (including p&p) you get a full size polish (RRP £11) plus a mini polish (RRP £5) saving yourself £7.24 (including p&p). That's got to make sense, right???

18 May 2012

Awards (",)

Oops I'm slacking a bit with my Blog at the mo but thought it was about time I got a wriggle on and thanked the lovely Lou of Tips and Topcoat for awarding me not one, not two but THREE different awards!!!


The first award is:
The rules for this award are: -

1. Thank the person who gave you the award; with their blog link in your post - check
2. Answer the following four questions - check
3. Give the blogger appreciation award to other bloggers - check
4. Let the bloggers know you awarded them - check

The questions are: -

1. How long have you been blogging? Only since February 2012 so I'm still a newby!
2. What are the 1-2 reasons why you started blogging? My boyfriend and sister suggested it to share pictures of my hobby although I think it was also partly because they think I've got too much to say for myself!
3. What types of blogs do you like to follow/read? Blogs by other nail/beauty fans :D
4. What is one thing you would like to improve as a blogger/on your blog? Hmm I don't know because I'm quite happy with it so far :)

The second award I got is:
The rules of this award are: -

1. Post the link to who gave you the award - check
2. Answer the questions - check
3. Share 7 random things about yourself - check
4. Pass it on to 10 bloggers and inform them - check

The questions are: -

1. Favourite song? Ooh there are so many from oldies to newbies! Erm one that always makes me smile is Have A Nice Day by Bon Jovi :D
2. Favourite dessert? Mmm warm mince pies with ice cream - yummy!
3. What drives me insane? Lazy people!
4. When I'm mad? I go quiet before exploding!
5. Favourite pet? My mog Casper (although I've loved all the pets I've ever had)
6. Black or white? Black
7. Biggest fear? Spiders and heights
8. My daily attitude? Changes like the weather!
9. What's perfect? A nice sunny day with blue skies and the freedom to spend it how I want without having to think about work!
10. Guilty pleasure? Definitely my nail polish addiction :D

7 random things about me: -
1. I'm a legal secretary
2. I'm the eldest of three girls
3. I live with my boyfriend and mog and my boyfriend's 4 year old son when he comes to stay :D
4. My favourite meal is a nice big chicken roast with all the trimmings... mmm
5. My favourite colour is purple
6. I'm a bookworm and love my Kindle
7. I'd love to visit a wolf sanctuary

The third award is:
The rules of this award are: -

1. Put the link to who gave you the award - check
2. Put the award on your post - check
3. Choose 5 blogs with under 200 followers - check
4. Let them know you've awarded them - check

The bloggers that I've nominated for all THREE awards are:

Congratulations to all of you. Don't forget to add these awards to your blog (",) and another GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Lou :D x x

17 May 2012

Nails Inc Soho Magnetic (",)

This is a gorgeous magnetic silver polish which looked fab on my nails both before and after I cut them right down (",) I love the magnetics and have always had a soft spot for silver polish so this one couldn't do any wrong in my opinion.

If you fancy treating yourself to this little baby it comes with either a fishnet or curved effect magnet and can be found here (with fishnet effect magnet) or here (with curved effect magnet)

12 May 2012

♥ Nails Inc Magnetics ♥

I love my magnetics and fortunately manage to get them to work first time now although it took a bit of practice at first.  After having the gorgeous Westminster on all day (see previous post for more pics of this gorgeous colour) I decided to mix it up a bit and go multi-coloured and I'm glad I did. I ♥ this look :D x


The colours I used and the links to where you can find them are: -

Pinkies = London Town

Ring Fingers = Houses of Parliament

Middle Fingers = Soho

Pointer Fingers = Windsor Castle*

Thumbs = Westminster*

*These last two are only available from QVC and can be bought as part of a 6 piece set here

Nails Inc Westminster Magnetic (",)

I really love this colour which matches my cat, Casper's fur purrfectly (sorry but I couldn't resist!!!)

It's a gorgeous shimmery, sparkly colour which comes alive in the sunshine (",)

This colour is only available through QVC and can be bought as part of a 6 piece set here

11 May 2012

Nails Inc Bluebell with Burlington Arcade (",)

I searched high, low and level on 3rd May for the Instyle Magazine which was giving away a choice of three Nails Inc varnishes free with the June issue.  I could only find the pink and peach options although I desperately wanted Bluebell.  My friend Caz went home to Ireland for the long weekend and texted me from the airport to say she'd got the magazine for me with Bluebell - what a star :D I had to wait until the following Tuesday for her to bring it into work for me but it was definitely worth the wait!  I love it on it's own and also with the stunning Nails Inc Burlington Arcade diamond nail jewellery.

Here are some pics which will hopefully show how gorgeous this colour and combination are:-

If you're tempted to treat yourself to the incredibly sparkly nail jewellery you can find it here

10 May 2012

♥ The GORGEOUS Nails Inc Black Taxi ♥

I received the Greige Collection from Nails Inc yesterday.  I was really pleased when I saw that this collection was available as it contains Black Taxi and The Thames both of which I have wanted for a while now.  After the deduction of 20% from the Instyle Magazine Promotional Code and 5 Nails Inc VIP points I got this collection for less than £20 including p&p.  As the collection is supposed to be £25 (plus p&p) I was really pleased with this saving :D
I HAD to apply Black Taxi last night before bed and was so impatient to do so that I applied it over my neon and Fitzrovia nail varnish rather than waste any time removing that polish and applying base coat, etc :s 

I'm really happy with this polish which looks like wet tar as it's soooo shiny.  This could be a mixture of this gorgeous polish and my Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat which I always use as it makes nails touch dry in 45 seconds :D

I will take proper pictures with my camera when I get home from work (as the camera on my phone is not the best - roll on August when I can upgrade!!!) and will upload them later on.

Here are the pics I took after I got home and hopefully you can see just how gorgeous this colour is: -

If you want to treat yourself to this collection or just Black Taxi on it's own you can buy them directly from Nails Inc here (set) or from QVC here (set) or individually here from Raven Cosmetics.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Raven Cosmetics she sells Nails Inc products and other makes of cosmetics for a fraction of the price you'd pay in store plus 15% discount on everything with p&p of only £2 within the UK.  If you 'like' her Facebook page here you get a free 4ml Nails Inc polish with every order! Now that's what I call a bargain (",)

8 May 2012

Nails Inc Fitzrovia with Nails Inc Neons, Baker Street & Cornwall (",)

I knew I wouldn't last long with the plain Fitzrovia nails. It just wasn't my cup of tea! So here we have Fitzrovia with: -

Cornwall by Anna on my thumb

Nails Inc Westbourne Grove on my pointy finger

Nails Inc Baker Street on my middle finger

Nails Inc Portobello on my ring finger

Nails Inc Kensington Park Road on my little finger

7 May 2012

Nails Inc Fitzrovia

I got this polish as part of a set from QVC and wasn't really that fussed on it! I much prefer colours to nudes but yesterday I felt like doing something a bit different so thought I'd try this one out! Although I like the formula of it and it seems to match my skin tone quite well I'm still not 100% convinced whether I like this shade or not! I'm thinking I might jazz it up a bit tomorrow with a "neon and nude" effect and/or some of the silver nail jewellery! I'll post pics of any changes I decide to make (",)

4 May 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Many thanks to Lou of tipsandtopcoat for nominating me for this award.  I hadn't heard of it until she told me that she'd nominated me so I've done a bit of digging and see that I must select 15 blogs that I follow to nominate for this award.

My nominees are:


Now apparently I have to tell the person who nominated me 7 things about myself so here goes:

1. I'm a cancerian and yeah I'd say I'm a typical cancerian... tough on the outside but soft on the inside!

2. I'm a legal secretary and although I like my job at times sometimes I think there must be something better out there!

3. I've got a moggy that I dote on!  Casper's my baby!

4. I'm a bookworm and am never happier than when I'm snuggled up with a book (or my Kindle) in my own world!

5. I'm an old romantic although I know life isn't all sweetness and light!

6. My favourite food is a chicken roast dinner with all the trimmings followed by warm chocolate fudge cake with ice cream...Mmmm!

7 My favourite film is Love Actually!  See I told you I'm an old romantic!!!

Wowser, that took longer than I thought it would :D

This is a link to the versatile blogger award rules versatile blogger award rules

2 May 2012

"Cornwall" A Franken Polish as created by the talented Anna (",)

One of my friends who I have met on Facebook through our mutual love of Nails Inc created this polish especially for me when I mentioned that I was searching for the purple equivalent of Baker Street...

For those of you that have not had the pleasure of seeing Baker Street yet this is a picture of that gorgeous colour which has the WOW-effect:
Well I've searched high, low and level for a purple polish that also had the WOW-effect, without any luck until the fabulous Anna created this just for me:
This picture was taken in artificial light against my white bathroom tiles and I can't wait to see it in daylight!  Hopefully tomorrow will be bright and sunny so that I it really has chance to shine (",)

These are some pics of this fabulous colour with Nails Inc Burlington Arcade on top :D


Nails Inc Westminster & Soho Magnetics (",)

Earlier this week my friend Caz and I decided to have a girly night so I went to work yesterday armed with some of my Nails Inc goodies for us to have a play with!  We went for food straight from work and of course it would have been rude not to have a drink (well it was steak night and it was less than a tenner for a main, a dessert and a drink!)  Well one drink led to another then we thought we'd visit another local pub (which wasn't as good as we'd expected it to be) so we trundled off to another local bar only to find that there was going to be live music in the shape of a guy and his guitar!  We ended up traipsing back to Caz's after 10pm only leaving time for us to replace our nail polish before bed rather than the planned experimenting with different colours (ah well!)  As you can see we both went for magnetics.  Caz went for the coppery Westminster which looks like the colour of tigers' eyes!  I opted for the silvery Soho!  We were both happy with the effect which was immediate on both colours!

Tonight I have experimented further with these two colours and different magnetic effects and the pictures can be seen below: