19 May 2013

I'm a BzzAgent! My First Campaign!

Hey guys
I recently signed up to become a BzzAgent after my sister told me she had become one.
All I had to do was register with them for free and answer some short surveys of my own choice.

On 9 May I received an email offering me the chance to try out Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit which promises "salon wax results at home" and which would be sent to me FREE of charge.
When I was accepted for this offer I stopped shaving my legs to give this product a proper trial.
I received the delivery on 18 May and on 19 May decided to give it a go.  The device was easy to put together and to use but I found that the wax needed 30 minutes to become workable instead of the recommended 20 minutes but this might be because it's new.

I've never had my legs waxed but was expecting it to hurt. It stung a bit but wasn't unbearable. I found that I had to reapply the pad to the same area and even had to apply more wax to some areas and still didn't get a completely hair free finish. Excuse my hairy milk bottle white legs!

Overall I would use this product again but I'm glad I didn't pay for it and I don't think I'll be buying any refills.
So have any of you guys tried this product?

Did you get on any better with it than I did?

Are you BzzAgents or curious to find out more?

If you are interested in trying Veet EasyWax yourself you can contact me for a 50% discount code that can be used on Amazon where this product should be sold for £29.99 although it's currently for sale at £14.99 with free delivery.  I don't know whether the 50% discount will take it down further to £7.50 but it may do.

Love Lou x

16 May 2013

Skittle mani with Nails Inc polishes

Hey guys

If you read my French mani post you'll see that I refer to a skittle mani. I've just realised after posting that I didn't actually do a post about the skittle mani - oops!

Anyhoo, for most of last week I wore this colourful skittle mani with Electric Lane holographic top coat tips which outlasted the summery weather we had for 2 days last week!

I love the eclecticism of skittle manis. What about you guys? Are you fans?

Love Lou x

A simple French mani with Nails Inc Floral Street s

Hey guys

I'm wearing a simple palate cleansing mani today.

I felt like a change after my colourful skittle mani and although I wore Nails Inc Porchester Square yesterday it wasn't doing anything for me!

I'm quite liking the simple class of this mani which is made up of one coat of both base and top coat and two coats of Floral Street polish which I applied free hand as you can probably tell!

My friend Anna has followed my lead and you can see her French tip mani here.

Do you guys like the French tip mani or have any ways of making it your own? I'd love to see links to any pics you have in the comments.

Love Lou x x

Edit: I've updated my mani by putting The Vaudeville over the top and adding little flutterbies x

10 May 2013

I've got a Facebook Page! :)

Hey Guys

I have recently created a Facebook page for my nail addiction which can be found by clicking here.  I would love it if you checked it out and clicked 'like' if you like what you see!  It's a work in progress that I'm trying to get to grips with and I'd love you to join me :)

Any hints and tips you have in how I can better my Facebook page will be gratefully received.

Happy Friday guys

Love Lou x x

1 May 2013

Something a bit different - my furbaby x

Hey guys
As some of you probably noticed on my Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens pictures my cat Casper decided to photobomb!
I've decided to give my furbaby his own little blog tribute.
Casper turned 8 at the beginning of April and although he likes to pretend he's an old man most of the time his playful kitten side comes out sometimes!
Casp loves nothing more than being scratched or stroked and nowhere is out of bounds! I know some cats are funny about their belly and tails being touched but not my Caspie.
I know a lot of us polishaholics are also animal lovers so I hope you don't mind this post being purely cat related. If you want to see more of Casper check out my instagram page purplewolf1707.
I'd love to see pics of your furbabies so leave your blog and instagram links below.
Love Lou x