22 June 2012

Nails Inc Bow Street (",)

Hey guys

I'm a bit late in blogging about this polish which I wore a week or so ago!

I'd heard a lot of hype about Bow Street and so when I saw that it was in a 4 piece collection on QVC with 3 other purple polishes I just had to buy it! This collection was so popular that it sold out before I could get my grubby mitts on it but luckily I was able to pre-order it and it wasn't long before it came back in stock - thankfully!

Anyway although this polish is a gorgeous, deep purple with very small glitter pieces throughout it's a complete pain in the butt to get an accurate photo of it. Although I tried and tried and tried these are the best pics I could get and they're not great! Hopefully next time I wear this polish the weather will be better!

Have any of you guys figured out the secret to capturing this beauty on camera? Any tips would be appreciated!

If you fancy treating yourself to this set you can find it here.  I've posted about the other three beauties in this collection which are Bury Walk, Caversham Street and Sutherland Street.  Feel free to check out these posts and let me know which of the 4 is your favourite (",)

♥ Nails Inc Bury Walk ♥

Happy Friday!

To be honest I got this polish in a four piece set called the Purple Passion Collection from QVC and was unimpressed with how it looked in the bottle so I really wasn't expecting to be impressed with how it looked on my nails!

Anyhoo, yesterday I couldn't decide which of my polishes to wear next so just decided to give this one a try! I'm soooo glad I did.  Firstly it applied like a dream and then I noticed how shimmery, sparkly and shiny it was!  I haven't been able to take my eyes off my nails for long all day (which has made functioning in work a bit tricky, but hey hahaha).

If you fancy treating yourself to this polish and it's siblings you can find them here. I have also posted about the other little stunners in this set which are called Caversham Street, Sutherland Street and Bow Street.  Feel free to check out these posts and let me know which of the 4 is your favourite (",)

Anyway that's enough waffling so now for some pics which will hopefully show how gorgeous this beauty is

So what do you think? Have you tried this polish or are you tempted to?

19 June 2012

Nails Inc Baker's Mews (",)

This is a gorgeous subtle lilac shimmer which is a complete pain in the butt to capture on camera!  It is on top of this little beauty that I'm going to apply my patterns from my new nail art plates (",)

Nail Art Stamping Plates (",)

Ooh I'm super excited about going home tonight! 

I've just had a delivery of 30 stamping plates which I ordered off Ebay on 30 May 2012. 

As these beauties were travelling all the way from Hong Kong the estimated delivery date was between 19 June and 5 July so I was surprised (and happy) to see them arrive bang on time!

I'll post photos of the plates later on together with pics of my first play with them :D


Here are the pics of my plates, an overview first then close-ups:

Now to decide which designs to use first! I'll post pics as soon as I can!

ps. Apologies for the reflection of the camera in the plates!


Here are the pics I've just taken of the stamps I've used today: 

15 June 2012

Nails Inc Caversham Street (",)

Hey guys, sorry I've not updated my blog much recently! I've not been sleeping properly so it's been tough trying to think of things to type!  Anyhoo, I figured this little beauty could speak for itself.  It's part of the Purple Passion Collection from QVC which can be found here.  As you can see from these pics the colour shifts from purple to blue and is very pretty!

Edit: I have also posted about this beauty's siblings which can be found in the same set.  They are called Bury Walk, Sutherland Street and Bow Street.  Feel free to check out these posts and let me know which of the 4 is your favourite (",)

13 June 2012

Boots Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

Well as my nails insist on peeling and I think this is because I only ever use nail polish removers containing acetone which can dry nails out I've decided to give an acetone-free polish remover a try.

I took myself off to Boots this lunchtime and will give their own brand a try.  I'll take a picture of my nails after using this product for the first time tonight and if I notice any improvement or otherwise will update this post later on.

Update... Here is a pic as promised! My nails don't actually look as bad as usual - typically! Probably because I'd cut them right down before removing my polish! I'll update if I notice any improvement or worsening to the state of my nails for using this remover.

10 June 2012

Nails Inc New Burlington Place (",)

This is a gorgeous two-tone shimmery coppery red nail polish shade which I was lucky enough to get in the Jubilee Lucky Dip offered by Nails Inc on their website during the Jubilee Weekend!  For just £15 plus p&p Nails Inc were offering Lucky Dips containing 6 full size polishes which I just couldn't resist!  As you'll see I took quite a few pictures as I was trying to show off the full range of colours in it including red, pink and bronze. It also looks holographic in some lights (",)

Nails Inc Sutherland Street (",)

Hey guys, this is a gorgeous shade of purple which I got in the Purple Passion collection from QVC which you can treat yourself here This is a four piece collection with very different shades of purple which are all gorgeous in their own right.  I have also posted on the other beauties in this collection which are Caversham Street, Bury Walk and Bow Street.  Feel free to check out these posts and let me know which of the 4 is your favourite (",)

Nails Inc Boltons Place with The Vaudeville (",)

I was very impressed with the resilience of Boltons Place which I applied on Monday night and which stayed put all through Tuesday despite my having spent the whole day sorting out the "junk" room and a cupboard in my house which led to me throwing out about 15 bin bags of stuff I decided not to hoard any longer and 3 bags of clothes for a charity shop. I decided to treat this rather plain colour with a layer of The Vaudeville so I could wear it for a little longer as it deserved!

ps. I was also very impressed with my own ruthlessness (",)

2 June 2012

Nails Inc Lancaster Gate (",)

I recently treated myself to the Nails Inc Sweet Feet Collection which I got for half price :) 

In the kit were also three full size polishes: -
  • Blandford Street
  • Lancaster Gate
  • Duke of York Place
 As well as Mexican Lime Heel Balm and Eaton Exfoliator

Although I'm normally a "purple" sort of girl it was actually the pink shade which I decided to try first!  In the bottle this looks as though it's got very definite blue undertones but they're not as obvious on the nail.  

Like most neons this dries matt but top coat soon makes it shine :)

Here are some pictures of this iridescent pink: 

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