19 June 2012

Nail Art Stamping Plates (",)

Ooh I'm super excited about going home tonight! 

I've just had a delivery of 30 stamping plates which I ordered off Ebay on 30 May 2012. 

As these beauties were travelling all the way from Hong Kong the estimated delivery date was between 19 June and 5 July so I was surprised (and happy) to see them arrive bang on time!

I'll post photos of the plates later on together with pics of my first play with them :D


Here are the pics of my plates, an overview first then close-ups:

Now to decide which designs to use first! I'll post pics as soon as I can!

ps. Apologies for the reflection of the camera in the plates!


Here are the pics I've just taken of the stamps I've used today: 

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