28 January 2014

Color Club Beyond

Hi Guys

I've been wearing this pretty black holo polish for a couple of days and although I like it a lot I've noticed that the tips chip quite easily and quickly.

I applied two coats with Glisten & Glow HK top coat and OPI Nail Envy on Sunday night and by yesterday they were a little chipped. I didn't want to change my polish so soon so applied another coat of polish and top coat early yesterday evening and then went in the shower before bed and when I came out I noticed that my nails were already showing tip wear!

Anyhoo, I still like this polish and I'm sure I'll wear it more often when the sun decides to make a come back!

Here is a collage of some of the pics I managed to get of it:

If you fancy treating yourself to this beauty, I got mine here.  You have to sign up which is quick and easy and you don't need a trade account.

Do any of you have this polish or any tips to prevent it chipping so easily and quickly?

Love Lou x

22 January 2014

I'm Back! (and so is my mojo!)

Hi Guys

So firstly I owe you a bit of an explanation for my absences! We lost my uncle to cancer in September and I've been emerging myself in work and hibernating to try to deal with this!  Although I've still been painting my nails regularly and posting pics on Instagram and my Facebook page I'd lost my mojo and didn't feel able to put my views on any of the polishes I used into words!

Anyhoo, there's something going round t'internet called #sharethelove and I don't know where it started but I found out about it on the All Things Nails Facebook page.  Basically people are posting and promoting their own blogs and Facebook pages and those of others to 'share some love'.  In the last few hours my Facebook likes have gone up from 23 to 184 and this makes me very happy and has given me the kick up the butt I've needed to do this post!

Hopefully this will be the first of many regular posts and I really hope you guys will stay for the ride!

To keep you going until next time here are some pics of some manis I've worn recently: 

Glam Polish Aquanaut & PMP Starry Starry Night over OPI Solitaire
Zoya Payton
Zoya Odette with Literary Lacquers Proud Titania
Girly Bits Wave the Sails

Take care,

Love Lou x