24 July 2012

Layla Cloudy Violet Hologram Polish

Hey Guys

This is a gorgeous purple holographic which my boyfriend described as looking like I had "dipped my fingers in a rainbow" which goes some way to describe how colourful this beauty is!  Unfortunately it's a pain in the posterior to capture that effect on camera, at least for me! 

If you fancy treating yourself to this little beauty or any of her pretty sisters then head on over to Simply Occasions where the lovely Bryony will be happy to assist you I'm sure :D

Lou :) x

p.s. Any tips on how to catch this effect would be gratefully received as would any other hints and tips you guys may have on how I can improve my blog/picture taking techniques! x

Barry M Magnetic Violet

Hey Guys, 

This is a lovely purple magnetic from the High Street which is good value for money and can be bought from Boots or their website, here


Nails Inc Marylebone with Stamping (",)

Hey Guys

I couldn't just leave my Marylebone alone and felt the need to see what it looked like with stampage :D

For this I used Nails Inc Crown Court with Bundle Monster Plate BM-317 on my fingers and Konad Black Polish with BM-309 on my thumb

I'm sorry the pictures aren't as clear as I would have liked them to be! :s

If you fancy trying these out for yourself you can get Marylebone here, Crown Court here, Konad Black polish here and the Bundle Monster 2012 collection of plates here

19 July 2012

Nails Inc Marylebone 3D Glitter

I've had my eye on this beauty for a while now and was so glad when the Birthday Fairies treated me to it :D
If you fancy treating yourself or pointing your own Birthday/Christmas Fairy in the right direction you can find it here - it's never too early to start your Christmas List in my opinion ;)

Nails Inc Spitalfields with Barry M Magnet

This beauty comes with a Fishnet Magnet which I've seen mixed reviews about! I fancied seeing this pretty with this design so haven't tried the Fishnet yet but when I do I'll upload pictures. 

If you fancy treating yourself to this lovely polish you can find it here

For now, I hope you enjoy looking at these pics 

Nails Inc Cheyne Walk with Nails Inc Bow Street stamping using Bundle Monster Plate 317 with The Vaudeville top coat

If you fancy treating yourself to either of these beauties, you can find Cheyne Walk here and Bow Street here