1 July 2012

Random pic alert :D

Hey guys, I just had to share this! When I came back from holiday I found this little guy sitting on my fireplace! It was a present from my Daddio! What I love most about it is that it says that the "Louiseraptor" has "the prettiest claws in the land!" :D x


  1. hehe I got a bat :D

    Thank you for the dragon. I keep seeing it when I go in the kitchen and being like "Must text Lou to say thank you," and then Dobby or the frogs distract me >.< haha xxx

    1. Aww I bet you were made up with your bat :)

      You're welcome! I said to Mothership on Saturday that it wasn't like you not to say thank you! Naughty Dobby and Froglets distracting you ;) x x x