19 July 2012

My Helmer and My Current Stash with Treats from the Birthday Fairies

 The Birthday Fairies were very kind to me this year :D

Not only did I get a Helmer from my gorgeous boyfriend (who has a blog which you should check out here)

I got this group of beauties from my mum and two sister (Loz & Ju) (Ju has a beauty blog which you should check out here)

 We have Spitalfields & Whitehall Magnetics with Marylebone 3D Glitter
The Icons Minis
Barry M Magnetics in Violet & Burgundy
Electric Lane Holographic Top Coat
 Then the Birthday Fairy that I work with (aka Caz) treated me to this little kit which I think will give me hours of fun:
This was my Nails Inc collection (excluding the beauties that the Birthday Fairies gave me):
 Then we have my 'other brand' polishes which I haven't got round to putting in any order yet:
 These are my arty tools, clippers, cuticle stick and nail files:
 Then we have my dupes, stamping plates & tools, buffer, nail files, base & top coats and crackle polishes:
 Finally, we have my nail art polishes which the Christmas Fairy (aka my sister Loz) treated me to last year:
If you fancy treating yourself to a Helmer you can order them in white, red or silver from Ikea here

You can find the Nails Inc selection of beauties here and the Barry M magnetics and Nailene kit can be found in most Boots or Superdrug stores

Feel free to leave me a link to pictures of your collections in the comments section as I'm always interested in seeing others people's pretty polishes :)


  1. wowww your nails inc collection is to die for!!!

    1. Thanks! I always get nail envy when I see other people's collections :) x