28 January 2014

Color Club Beyond

Hi Guys

I've been wearing this pretty black holo polish for a couple of days and although I like it a lot I've noticed that the tips chip quite easily and quickly.

I applied two coats with Glisten & Glow HK top coat and OPI Nail Envy on Sunday night and by yesterday they were a little chipped. I didn't want to change my polish so soon so applied another coat of polish and top coat early yesterday evening and then went in the shower before bed and when I came out I noticed that my nails were already showing tip wear!

Anyhoo, I still like this polish and I'm sure I'll wear it more often when the sun decides to make a come back!

Here is a collage of some of the pics I managed to get of it:

If you fancy treating yourself to this beauty, I got mine here.  You have to sign up which is quick and easy and you don't need a trade account.

Do any of you have this polish or any tips to prevent it chipping so easily and quickly?

Love Lou x


  1. That's what Nails Inc does to my nails.
    I have better luck with the Color Club polishes thankfully :D


    1. I believe it's something to do with what the polishes contain and how they react to the oils in our nails x x x