16 May 2013

Skittle mani with Nails Inc polishes

Hey guys

If you read my French mani post you'll see that I refer to a skittle mani. I've just realised after posting that I didn't actually do a post about the skittle mani - oops!

Anyhoo, for most of last week I wore this colourful skittle mani with Electric Lane holographic top coat tips which outlasted the summery weather we had for 2 days last week!

I love the eclecticism of skittle manis. What about you guys? Are you fans?

Love Lou x

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  1. Hi Louise my dear, I've tagged you in my Seven Deadly Sins post - check it out for more info :) http://annabean83.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/seven-deadly-sins-tag.html xx