1 May 2013

Something a bit different - my furbaby x

Hey guys
As some of you probably noticed on my Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens pictures my cat Casper decided to photobomb!
I've decided to give my furbaby his own little blog tribute.
Casper turned 8 at the beginning of April and although he likes to pretend he's an old man most of the time his playful kitten side comes out sometimes!
Casp loves nothing more than being scratched or stroked and nowhere is out of bounds! I know some cats are funny about their belly and tails being touched but not my Caspie.
I know a lot of us polishaholics are also animal lovers so I hope you don't mind this post being purely cat related. If you want to see more of Casper check out my instagram page purplewolf1707.
I'd love to see pics of your furbabies so leave your blog and instagram links below.
Love Lou x


  1. Oh, I can't have instagram as I don't have one of those clever mobile phones so I can't see the pics :(
    O don't think they ever grow out of their kitten habits, we lost our Felix last year, almost 19 but he was playful and a bit naughty right up to the end xx

    1. Aww Debbie I actually put some pictures on this post but somewhere between my 'clever' mobile phone and the internet they've gone awry. I will edit this post and re-add the pics!!

      I love it when moggies have their kitten moments!

      I'm sorry you lost your Felix. We had a Felix too as well as a lot of other mogs over the years. Our Felix was so maleable. He let us dress him up in dolls' clothes when he was young! x x