29 May 2012

Snapshot Photo Gallery

Hey guys

I've just been catching up with my blog reading list and there was one in particular that caught my eye which was called Add a Link to Your Blog for Photo Gallery/Nail Snapshots and posted by Pointless Cafe.  This blog posting can be found here.  After reading the instructions on that blog and also on the posting by All This Polish called Nail Snapshots which Pointless Cafe got her inspiration from and which can be found here I had to give this a go!

If you click on the link for Photo Gallery under my header, this will take you to a Snapshot type layout of my all the photos I've posted in my blog.  Clicking on an image will take you to the original blog post that the image is from.  There are other types of layouts available including Flipcard, Classic, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar and Timeslide so you can experiment and see which works best for you and your blog.  To return to the Home page all you have to do is click on the blog title at the top left hand corner.

All This Polish's instructions which she got from Rebecca Likes Nails whose post can be found here are as follows: -

1. Go the Pages section of your blogger settings
2. Add a New Page, choosing the Web Address option rather than Blank Page option.
3. In the box for the web address enter your blog address plus /view/snapshot at the end, for example mine is http://purplewolf1707.blogspot.com/view/snapshot.
4. Don't forget to save :D

I think this is a pretty nifty way of checking out fellow bloggers' pictures and being able to go straight to those which appeal to you.  It'll also help you find a post by a blogger that you may not be able to remember the name for.

Lou x

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