2 May 2012

"Cornwall" A Franken Polish as created by the talented Anna (",)

One of my friends who I have met on Facebook through our mutual love of Nails Inc created this polish especially for me when I mentioned that I was searching for the purple equivalent of Baker Street...

For those of you that have not had the pleasure of seeing Baker Street yet this is a picture of that gorgeous colour which has the WOW-effect:
Well I've searched high, low and level for a purple polish that also had the WOW-effect, without any luck until the fabulous Anna created this just for me:
This picture was taken in artificial light against my white bathroom tiles and I can't wait to see it in daylight!  Hopefully tomorrow will be bright and sunny so that I it really has chance to shine (",)

These are some pics of this fabulous colour with Nails Inc Burlington Arcade on top :D



  1. I'm sat here going through my favourite nail blogs and what do I find? I'm famous! Teehee!! As ever, I'm really delighted that you're happy with it - and even if I do say so myself, it looks beautiful :) xxx

  2. Ooh hello missis! I didn't think I'd see you on here but I'm really glad you stopped by! I couldn't help but show "Cornwall" off! I'm sooo happy with it and am still wearing it :D x x x

  3. Hehe I may not have the gumption to start my own blog but I do enjoy looking at others, and it was a really pleasant surprise to see "Cornwall" on the interwebs :D xxx

  4. You sure have got the gumption to start your own blog and I bet you'd be surprised how many people off the NI FB page would follow you :D "Cornwall" deserves recognition for it's fab-ness :D x x x

  5. you have lovely nails... *.*