3 January 2013

Nails Inc Porchester Square

Hey guys
Unfortunately I couldn't bear the idea of wearing Stretford for more than one day so I replaced it with Porchester Square. This is a neutral mushroom colour which I wasn't sure about when I first wore it, however it's now one of my 'go to' polishes.
This understated beauty is a staple in most people's Nails Inc collections and is actually referred to as a 'Hero' shade by the bods at NI.
This polish is lovely either on it's own or topped with Electric Lane or Burlington Arcade for a bit of extra glitz.
I am wearing 2 coats of polish with Opi Nail Envy base coat and Nails Inc Kensington Caviar top coat.
Do any of you guys have this beauty? Do you agree that it's a 'must have' in any Nails Inc fan's collection?
Love Lou x


  1. Hi Louise! This looks great on you, I did have it but I have to admit it really doesn't suit me, my must have nuteral is The Thames, it's similar to this one but just a bit darker xx

    1. Hi Cath, thanks! I've got The Thames which is a similar consistency to Porchester Square although it's a bit dark with my skin tone x x

      ps. I'm a bit confused as to why this post is showing as being posted on 2 November 2012 when I only posted it this morning! Hmm!!

  2. cherryblossom33073 January 2013 at 23:55

    Yes its a must have i think its one of those colors that makes fingernails look clean