23 February 2016

Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking

Hi guys

I've been seeing a lot of pictures of this polish in the nail community and nobody has anything bad to say about it so I took the plunge and decided to try to grab it on a recent restock. Success!

I applied this polish on the day it arrived to see for myself what all the hype was about.

The first thing I noticed was that this polish was thicker than I like although this made it almost a one coater. I applied two coats to cover the few thinner areas.

The second thing I noticed was that the holo is quite muted in normal household lighting and in shade although it came alive when in direct lighting from a bulb or the sun.

The basic colour of the polish is a beautiful purple but from the hype I was expecting this polish to be spectacular at all times. I was therefore disappointed to find it was quite underwhelming. My disappointment continued when one nail chipped within 24 hours and two more chipped while I was sleeping!

I will give this polish another chance to impress me, maybe using different base and top coats to hopefully extend wear time.

If you want to try this polish for yourself you can pre-order it from Rainbow Connection UK here.

Did anyone else have a similar experience with this polish? Are there any others that didn't live up to the hype in your opinion?

Bye for now, Louise x

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