27 August 2012

A cloud mani

Hey guys

This is my first attempt at a 'cloud mani' and I love it.

I've used these Nails Inc polishes:
Ganton Street
Floral Street
The Thames
Black Taxi
I also used Seche Vite top coat.

What do you think of my attempt?

Louise x

Update (30.08.12): I just wanted to give credit where it's due. If it hadn't been for this post by Nailside I probably wouldn't have thought to do this mani so I just want to thank Nailside for the inspiration :-D x


  1. I love that! I might have a try at it myself! Very appropriate for the weather we're having at the mo haha! Have got quite a few nails inc polishes and love most of them. How did you find floral street? I've heard it's a bit sheer, did you find that?

  2. You really should give it a go. I was only going to do my left hand, take a pic then do something else but I love it. I love most of my Nails Inc polishes too. I found Floral Street ok but I did quite a thick coat because I was going over the brown of Ganton Street. I think it'd be lovely in a French manicure x

  3. I really like it and i love the colours you used x