29 August 2012

A Cloud Mani Update

Hey guys

This has been a pretty tough few weeks for me as my uncle is poorly and we've been to hell and back especially in the past few days. He was due to go to hospital today and we were expecting bad news.  Luckily we got good news instead so fingers crossed that nothing changes between now and Monday!

Anyhoo on top of the good news about my uncle I found a post on my Facebook page from a friend I met through the Nails Inc London Facebook page calling me a winner! When I checked I found out I'd actually been awarded 'Facebook Fan Of The Week' for this very mani :-D

This surprised me because when I was thinking about applying this mani it was only meant to be a short-lived experiment to see how difficult it was to create.  Not only was it easier than I thought but I also love it a lot more than I expected too.  I'm still wearing it after applying it on Monday afternoon :-)

And on top of all that I saw a beautiful double rainbow while I was on my way home from work :-)
So what I was expecting to be a pretty crappy day actually ended up being one of the best days I've had for a while :-D

Do you guys follow the postings on Nails Inc London's Facebook page or have you been lucky enough to win something for your nail art?

Louise x

Update (30.08.12): I just wanted to give credit where it's due. If it hadn't been for this post by Nailside I probably wouldn't have thought to do this mani so I just want to thank Nailside for the inspiration :-D x