27 October 2015

Storing nail polish swatch sticks

Hi guys

I've recently swatched all of my nail polishes onto swatch sticks. 

I then had to find a way to store them! I don't have a spare drawer in my helmer to store them and there are too many to put in jars so what was I going to do? I was beginning to think I'd wasted my time until I remembered a scarf/tie hanger that I'd ordered from eBay that wasn't being used. There were as many hangers as I had rings holding my swatch sticks as if it was meant to be!  

They are currently hanging in my wardrobe upstairs which isn't ideal as my polishes are downstairs. 

Can anyone suggest another way to store over 500 swatch sticks nearer to my polishes? 

Lou x


1 comment:

  1. The nicest swatch display I have seen is one where the person installed a nice curtain rod above her 'nail desk' and hung her swatches on it.

    I've also seen one where they are arranged in the rainbow pattern.